Children’s Educational and Developmental Support

What is CEDS? Children”s Educational and Developmental Support Center is a humanitarian organization established in 2016 to cater to the needs and welfare of special needs and abandoned children in Africa. Since its establishment, CEDS has been performing this task non-stop. Our scope of operation has been directed to providing medical supplies, food, clothes, water, sanitation supplies, pampers, medications as well as entertainment materials and therapeutic treatment for kids from birth to 15 years old.

Short History of CEDS

CEDS was founded due to Alexis and his wife Korpo Manjo’s Philanthropic and Humanitarian Gesture and Passion for Humanity, particularly in the areas of rendering Assistance and Full-Support to children with special needs and less privileged children in Liberia, Africa, and around the World.

It all started in 2014 when Alexis Worji was fortunate to travel to the United States; upon his arrival, he was blessed to secure Health Insurance from the State of Massachusetts through the help of his brother-in- law Mr. Flahn Harris.

Alexis T. Worji Jr., was diagnosed with cornea skied in his right eye, which had major damage to his right eye. Worji, made all efforts to undergo surgery in Ghana; he wrote countless letters to various private and public institutions, including reputable Individuals in Liberia to raise funds for his surgery. 

All his efforts to raise needed funding for his medical operations failed, due to the unwillingness for Individuals and Institutions to assist. 

“Thanks to my Sisters and Brother Agatha, Jestina, and Aaron, who were instrumental in getting me to the United States”, Alexis asserted. 

Alexis’s Surgery was successful, and during his exit meeting with doctors and nurses; he promised to give back to children with special needs. 

Alexis met his wife in 2016; Ms. Korpo Manjo, who has a ridiculously huge passion for humanitarian work; she had a program in Liberia assisting school-going children with school fees, medication, including catering to the welfare of pregnant women and infant mothers.

On one of their annual vacations, they had a meeting on how to give back to the children with special needs. One of their major constraints was how to fund the program. She said in their meeting, that they shall pray about it; a week later, she suggested that both of them save 30% of their combined income to raise funding for the program. That was a huge task, but with faith and commitment, from 2016 to 2018, they raised over US$30,000 and shipped half a container to Liberia to launch the program. 

The program was launched with a 1 week, 3 square meal-a-day feeding program, including an Installation of a 43’’ Satcom cable TV on the pediatric ward of the James David Memorial Hospital in Paynesville City-Liberia. 

The program currently has 5 Children being catered to, and Alexis and his Wife Korpo; continue to save 30% of their joined Income, to keep the program running.  

This is how CEDS was founded.

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The flower symbolizes growth of the organization and hope for the individuals we care for.

The CEDS foundation is working to change the future for children with complex special needs in Liberia. Our September 18, 2021 walk is the first step in getting our project off the ground!

CEDS is the beacon of HOPE in the DARKEST part of POVERTY.

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