A message from our CEO…

Mr. Alexis Tuwee Worji Jr.

To our Readers, I write:
Often, the spoken words of mankind are the best forms of communication,
it presents an individual strength that is straight from the heart.
The Passion for connecting others and filling voids by meeting needs and
wants with Financial Aids and Developmental Friendships to Children who
need special attention and care are of major Concern in our today’s world.
Children Educational and Developmental Support Center-CEDS is a
humanitarian organization established in 2016 to cater to the Needs,
Wants, and General Welfare of Less-fortunate, Abandoned, and Disabled
Children in Africa and the World at large, with a focus on our native land
Since its establishment, CEDS has performed and is still performing its
mandate, with a non-stop speed in a direction to bring all of CEDS Visions
and Dreams to fulfillment.
Our Scope of Operations (SOPs) have been solely directed to providing
Shelter, Medical Supplies & Equipment, Foods Items, Clothing, Water &
Sanitation Supplies, Special Primary & Secondary Education,
Entertainment, among others.
CEDS focuses are on Less-fortunate Children from Birth to age 15
(Fifteen), including Children with Disabilities and Neglect by parents.
We would also like to express our Gratitude, Care, and Love, to all those
Children we have served and are still serving, recounting our Disabled
Children, the Less-fortunate ones, and the Abandoned.
CEDS feels the Delays, the Setbacks, and various Stigma by Societies
around you, including the Abnormal Brain Output due to the Lack of
Education, Accommodation Problems, Feeding Issues, Transportation and
Entertainment barriers.

This tells the ugly side of the story, however CEDS has come to restore the
Brightness and to give a Hopeful Journey to you our Children. As I always
say, CEDS is the beacon of hope in the darkest part of poverty.
They are happy now and will be vivacious most often. Their smiles give us
hope to keep the push of meeting their needs and learning new things.
They are our treasured, we see their special Needs & Wants as completely
beautiful, precious, and a blessing from above. They have become a gift
we cherish.
To our Parents of these special needed Children, we want to express our
Appreciations, and recognize the pains you undergo in taking care of your
children with special needs.
Being a Parent, it is hard to get the news of your Children/Child been
diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder,
Muscular Dystrophy, and other Diagnoses, the struggle you faced
especially in a Country with Hard Economy hardship, where Parents cannot
even afford a single meal for their family, the skirmish you faced are
exponentially more challenging than the average parent.
Special needs Parents are just as exhausted and frustrated, the extra care
for their Children/Child needs & wants, the guilt that they feel and all of the
other difficulties that they faced, and it is safe to say that the challenges
that these Parents face are real.
We want to say there is light at the end of the tunnel, CEDS is here to
Assist, do not leave them in the Hospitals, along the Roadside, in
Dumpsters or in front of people Door Stairs. All you can do just give them to
us and we will give them hope, show them endless love, and care for them.
Their Disabilities will never be a challenge to their Future. We will keep
hope alive that one day Liberia, and Africa will get better, and their rights of
all Mankind will be respected and all Children with special Needs will surely
live-in dignity.
May God bless us and protect the Children we served……..

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